Married Friday Nights

After dinner tonight, snuggling with The Husband on the couch and romantically stroking his beard, I leaned in close and whispered, “How are you feeling?”

He paused. And then,

“Your hands smell like wings.”



The Night Before Last Jedi

‘Twas the night before Star Wars, and throughout our complex,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a vulptex.
Our themed stockings were hung ‘round the fireplace,
In hopes we’d soon get a new visitor from space.

The fans were nestled all snug in their beds,
While mysterious Force visions danced in their heads.
And I in my onesie, and Husband in his cap
Had just shut our eyes after watching Strikes Back.

When out in the living room, there was such a crash
I sprang from the bed and made a mad dash.
I crossed the dark bedroom floor with no fall,
Pulled open the door and tripped into the hall.

The fire was crackling all throughout the room
And the light flicked over our family heirlooms:
The porcelain plates set up on the shelf
Depicting Star Wars characters in delft.


Our tree, once again, with its Star Wars theme
And the R2 Christmas lights, oh how they gleamed.
The soft glowing light how it danced and it shift
‘Cross Star Wars stockings and the wrapped gifts.

There by the fire were some Christmas treats
A warm glass of milk and something to eat.
On the table sat our Death Star cookie cask
With cookies shaped like Darth Vader’s mask.

Next to the table, outlined by the fire
Stood a young girl clad in strange attire.
A fighting stick and her hair in three buns,
I could tell that the Force was strong with this one.
With her blue lightsaber and dressed all in grey,
I knew in a moment this girl must be Rey.

She glanced at me quickly, in her eyes not a threat;
I knew in that moment I’d nothing to fret.
In deep concentration she looked back at the flame
So I turned and I whispered my husband’s name.

While watching this girl lost in her own mind
We hoped that an answer she’d find.
We wondered about her deep thoughts and when
She would meet up with dark Kylo Ren.

Then with a shake of her head, she looked all around.
“I’ve got to go,” she said with a frown.
We could tell she’d learned much from her Force-filled sight,
When, leaving, she sighed “I must bring him to the light!”


Remembering the good ol days

Today at lunch, I was reminded of the good old days back in college. Back when I was broke and my tastes matched my budget. Ramen noodles were a luxury and it didn’t take much more than a chipotle burrito to get into my pants.

It was then, as I ungracefully shoveled the deliciousness that is a steak burrito into my mouth, that I looked across the table at my husband with guacamole dripping from his beard that I realized:

Nothing has changed.

Keepin’ the nerdmance alive

Last week, we hit the two month mark of marriage.

I mean, come on.  We’re crushing it.  At two months, we’ve been married longer than


  • Britney Spears & Jason Alexander
  • Cher & Gregg Allman
  • Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman
  • Ali Landry & Mario Lopez
  • Drew Barrymore & Jeremy Thomas
  • Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon

And lest we forget, we’re quickly closing in on Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries.

So, needless to say, when I was late leaving work that day because I got caught up talking to a coworker, I was hoping that The Husband’s text asking where I was might have been because he had something romantic planned for us.

Was I wrong?

I guess that depends on your idea of romance.  If it’s sharing something you like to do with your partner, then I was spot on.  Looks like he knows how to keep the nerdmance alive.

What a nerd.  At least he’s a cute nerd.

How does it know???

So, it happened!  The Fiance is now The Husband.  Who’d have ever thought that what started as an effort to get my dad off my case would end up in Happily Ever After?

Everything was great (except for what wasn’t), and there will be more stories after I finish going through all the emails and missed work and doing more than one load of laundry (which only happened in the first place because we desperately needed underwear).

But for now, let me just leave you with my (psychic) page-a-day calendar entry for the weekend of the wedding:

How is it always so spot on??

Wedding Tux

It’s just not fair.  When it comes to weddings, the men have it so easy.  Particularly when it comes to what to wear.

When The Fiance went to pick out his tux, it was like this:


Whereas when I went to find a dress it was more like this:


And every single dress I tried on was just So. Much. Dress.


With all the satin and the tulle and the lace and the crinolines and the veils, every dress had me feeling like a “snow beast.”


While The Fiance is just like



Saturday Night

It’s eight o’clock on Saturday night.  We’re sitting on the couch together.  Suddenly, he gives me that look.

That look that I know only means one thing.

That look that he knows that I know only means one thing.

So I get up and turn off the lights to set the mood.  I slip into something more comfortable.  I know we’re going to be busy for probably the next few hours.

We turn up the volume for the benefit of our neighbors.

I look at The Fiance’s face.  It’s clear he’s excited for what’s about to happen.

And then it starts.

Nothing like a night of #StarWarsandchill.