The Resemblance is Uncanny…

This past weekend was my bachelorette party.  My wonderful sister planned a very exciting getaway weekend in the Pocono Mountains where we went hiking and visited lots of wineries.  So many wineries.  So. Much. Wine.

It was great!  I had a wonderful time, and I think that the rest of the girls did too.  After all, there was so much wine.


On Saturday night, we played some cliché bachelorette party games.  I can’t say too much, but I can say these games included a fun card game where all the girls had to draw cards to answer questions about me.

One of my best friends had flown in from the West Coast and had not yet met The Fiance.  So, when she drew her card and read, “What celebrity does The Fiance most resemble?” she claimed it was a little unfair.  But after only a moment’s pause to reflect on the (large number of) facebook photos I’ve posted of The Fiance, she said,

Uhhh… Wolverine?


Well, The Wolverine and The Fiance are both quite hairy.  And The Wolverine has knives shoot out of his knuckles while The Fiance really likes knives.  So yeah.  Close enough.  Basically The Fiance resembles The Wolverine.

Not bad.  I’ll take it.

All in the details

They say that it’s all in the details.  Especially when it comes to weddings.  Which is why I’ve been trying to painstakingly include aspects of both my and The Fiance’s interests in all this wedding everything.

I guess you might say we’re both nerds, in our own special ways, though I’d vehemently deny it.  But that being said, I’ve crafted corsages and boutonnieres to represent each of our interests.

The ladies’ wrist corsages are made out of some old book pages dyed to match our color scheme (yellow and blue).


The gentlemen are wearing boutonnieres made out of comic book pages.  But not just any comic book pages, Superman comic book pages.  Because Superman is The Fiance’s favorite.  (Note: No real comic books were harmed in the making of these boutonnieres.)


So, hopefully, it really is all in the details and these simple paper flowers make all the rest of the wedding super great and awesome.  Yay.

Roses are orange…

The other day, The Fiance came home with a bouquet for me.  This is a big deal because it’s unusual for him to bring me flowers.  (He says when I stop asking for them, he’ll bring them.  I guess I’ve finally managed to stop asking.)  Although, there was one time when he brought me a rose bush.  I killed it in a startlingly short amount of time.

But anyway, last week The Fiance brought me home a bouquet.  It was exciting and special and they’re beautiful.  I was so surprised.  I snatched them up and started snipping off the stems and plopping them into a vase.17342655_10101644676586805_7690270902523424644_n

He comes sauntering over, so proud of himself, and says,

“These reminded me of your personality.”  Pointing at the orange roses, “Bright.”  Pointing at the purple thistles, “And dangerous.”

No such thing

I heard the TV click on while I was sitting at the table eating some breakfast and reading a book on Saturday morning.  I glance up to see what The Fiance has turned on to entertain himself this rainy day.  (It’s not like we have to clean the entire apartment top to bottom or anything…)  It’s the same thing from last night.

Me: Honey.  Do you ever feel like maybe there’s too much Walker Texas Ranger?

Him:  There’s no such thing as too much Walker Texas Ranger.


Well that was startling

This week we had a snow day on Tuesday.  A lovely opportunity to sleep in during the work week.  And let me tell you, I snatched up that opportunity like I’d never see it again.  And let’s face it.  It’s the middle of March.  I shouldn’t have seen it in the first place.  But I did.  So when my alarm went off, as it does every day, at 5:30, I silenced it and rolled back over for a few more hours of blissful sleep.

If only that’s what it was.

During the additional two hours of sleep I had, did I dream of sunshine and rainbows?  Did I envision fluffy white sheep hopping over cute little fences?  Did I have that recurring fantasy where I get to eat all the sweets I could ever possibly want and lose weight?


I had a nightmare.

About wedding cake.

A nightmare about someone cutting the top tier of the wedding cake.  I woke up sweating, hands clammy, heart pounding, a shout lodged in my throat.

The only reason we’re getting wedding cake is because The Fiance is a traditionalist and wants to save the top tier for our first anniversary.  And in my dream someone had the audacity to cut the top tier.  How could we possibly save the top tier if it’s been cut?!?!  We’re spending hundreds of dollars on wedding cake simply to ensure that we save the top tier.  Hundreds of dollars.  So, you can see why it was a nightmare.

Who knew wedding cake could be so stress-inducing?  If only I’d just woken up at 5:30 when my alarm went off in the first place.

Dear God, please no.

Learning to adult part 182

I don’t care what people say.  Being boring and not having a social life is actually a good thing.  Staying home every night isn’t a problem.  Not going out to a bar isn’t bad.  Not going out anywhere isn’t bad.  In fact, it could be considered an excellent life choice.

It’s cost efficient.


Pre Cana Classes with Father Awesome

So, The Fiance and I have been attending Pre Cana classes, since The Fiance is nice enough to agree to get married in the Catholic Church.  The priest who is preparing us, Father Awesome, is young (around our ages), has a super friendly dog, and is full of random trivia.  He gives great homilies so that even The Fiance doesn’t mind going to mass with me.

Personally, I’m really enjoying the Pre Cana preparation and would highly recommend marriage (or relationship) counseling to anyone.  And I have.  It’s like I’ve suddenly become an expert on recommending counseling.  Because meeting with a priest a handful of times makes me an expert.  (Sarcasm.)

The Fiance is really enjoying it for an entirely different reason, however.

When we met with the priest in January, we were having a very serious conversation about our parents.  Suddenly Fr. Awesome interrupts us, mid-sentence and says:

I’m sorry to interrupt you guys, but I just thought of a very important question.  Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet?