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How it all started

So what is a sexual deviant?

Creating the profile

Hairless Cats?

The First Date Invitation

Midnight Madness

Ego Boost

He’s just not that into you

A little friendly advice

Fishing for Compliments with an inadequate rod


First First Date

Playing it cool…

Nananananananana BATMAN!


What to wear

That’s nuts!

Was your daddy a baker?


Cut vs. Uncut

How soon is too soon?


Lock the doors!  Pull the shades!  Don’t go out!

First of the month!

3P Part II

The worst!

Strange recurrences

Just give it up, dude!

This just in!

A Jedi on the streets, but a Sith in the sheets…

Blast from the Past

Percent Match

D’awww shit….

Online Dating: It’s a Small World

Fat Girl Problems

If my life were a rom com…


 Christmas Parties

Up high!  Down low!  Too slow…


It’s okay to be weird.

First time in four years

I’ve got the Magic in me!


Tasting Portion

Kwirky Kouple

The Pressure!

Corsets, aka life suckers

50 Shades of Freak

Foot Poppin Good



Geriatric Snails

Operation Match

D’awww Round 3


Fortune Cookie Shaming


Blurred Lines

Weed Whacker

Wedding Season is Coming

Put a Ring on It

Crazy Chasers

Baby Time

Facebook Status

Long time no text

Introducing “From the Mouths of Babes”

From the Mouths of Babes- Triple C

Adult Sleep Overs


From the Mouths of Babes– The Serial Monogamist

Balls to the wall

Keepin’ it Classy

Nerd Dating

Hmm… Yes

From the Mouths of Babes– Fabulous Fangirl

Dating Nerdy

The First time (not THAT “First Time”)

From the Mouths of Babes– The Talking Dick

Be Open

The Boyfriend List

From the Mouths of Babes– Cunning Linguist

50% Success Rate

How Online Dating Changed My Life Part One: Adventures of the Heart

How Online Dating Changed My Life Part Two: What I Look For

How Online Dating Changed My Life Part Three: Self Confidence

How Online Dating Changed My Life Part Four: Summing it Up

The Sex Store Story

From the Mouths of Babes– Ms. Frizzle’s Tinder Tryout

Sharing the Bed

Where to find your next match!

Where else to find your next match!


Happy Anniversary!

Too much stuff


 The Russian Way

New Things!


I Can’t Move

Love vs. Like



Ready? Set? Fall!

Familial Approval

“Mixed Couples”

Familial Approval: Dad

Familial Approval: Mom

True Love


I just know

From the Mouths of Babes: Darth Boobies

The Wedding Expo

Familial Approval: Sister

Dodged a Bullet

Familial Approval: Aunt Lisa

Familial Approval: Beauty and the Beast

From the Mouths of Babes: ~*DR@G0N*~

Do it for the blog

Skinny Bitch

Familial Approval: Grandma and Grandpa

Fantasy Football

All my exes…

Balancing Friends

The Night Before Star Wars

Green Bean Casserole

Wake Up Text

Christmas Confession

What’s in a name?

The Male Soap Opera


Christmas Letter 2015

Online Order

How romantic!

Life Choices

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 25

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 27

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 30

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 41

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 44

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 51

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 61

Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 80

Sleep Aid

360 Degrees


 For real this time

Yeah. Right. Sure.

How to have a 400 person wedding for under $15,000

And The Fiance Says…


Guest List

Sweating for the Wedding

Parental Meeting


Reprise of the Green Bean Casserole

The Wedding Hashtag

There’s a wookiee in my bed!

The Fiance’s Wedding Planning


The Bargain

Soft Kitty

Going to the chapel

The Breakfast Shake


Sweating for the Wedding Update

Name Changing


Responses to Name Changing

Black Soul

Made of Honor

Pokemon NO

In Sickness…

Family Wedding Dress

It’s a compliment really

To My Sister

My Precious

There it is.

Return of the Wedding Hashtag

I’m classic

Engagement Photo Shoot

That is a really good thing.


Relationship Goals

Anti Aging Realization

Encyclopedia Centerpieces

Engagement Photos


Twitter IRL

Getting Dressed

Overheard in the Office


Head Games

Well balanced Thanksgiving


The Night Before Rogue One

Christmas Letter 2016

He’s rubbing off on me…



Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean!

Re: Late For Work

So Extra

The List of Deviant Dater

For My Single Cousins

Pre Cana Classes with Father Awesome

Well that was startling

No such thing

Roses are orange…

All in the details

The Resemblance is Uncanny…

Talk dirty to me

The Final Countdown

Saturday Night

Wedding Tux

How does it know???

Keepin the nerdmance alive

Remembering the Good Ole Days

Night Before Last Jedi

Married Friday Nights

Old Lady


3 thoughts on “Index

  1. beatingthebrat

    Hi Deviant. I just thought I’d leave a message letting you know that I’ve been reading your blog. We have a quite similar blogs in some ways. In the sense of of being quite candid and assigning nick names to a romantic prospects. It’s quite refreshing to see other people’s different, but similar perspectives.

    Liked by 1 person

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