A Jedi on the streets, but a Sith in the sheets…

It might not come as the biggest shock to you all when I say that the most common career choice among the men I’ve met online has been Information Technology. Now, before you start accusing me of having a “nerd type” (which may be true, yes, though I will swear ’til I’m blue in the face that I, myself, am not a nerd) it actually makes sense that a lot of guys in the IT field feel more comfortable behind an LCD computer glow than under a neon bar glow.

Virtual dating.  It’s like virtual reality.  Online dating is kind of like a blending of the lines between reality and virtuality.  Taking your Second Life world and merging it with your Real Life world.  Sending someone messages through the internet is a lot less threatening than chatting someone up in real life, particularly if you’re accustomed to using computers all the time.

Let’s hypothetically say that I’ve gone out with 12 guys since I’ve started this online dating thing.  Hypothetically, sheesh!  Of the twelve, three of them also worked in education like me.  It turns out that you CAN have too much of a good thing, particularly when that good thing is already covered by me.  One of them worked in retail.  Helloooo discounts!  One of them worked in government.  I generally try to stay away from those types because they’re always the same and generally boring.  And seven, yes seven, of them have worked in IT.  I’m pretty sure they have all done different things, but if we’re being honest, it’s a good day when I can figure out how to utilize a COUNTIF formula and add some conditional formatting in Excel…. without having to look it up on google.  Alright, so that has never actually happened because I ALWAYS have to google how to utilize ANY formula in Excel!  What does countif mean anyway?  Just don’t tell my boss.  Fake it ’til you make it!

Anyway, these IT guys are genuinely nice men.  They mean well and they’re definitely loyal.  They’re cute, too, in that nerdy kind of way.  You know like Peter Parker or Clark Kent.  Alright, alright, I TOTALLY have a “nerd type.”  I’m just saying that nerd chic is totally in right now.  Give me a pair of chunky glasses and some suspenders and I’m a goner.  On top of all that, they’re totally awkward!  Sometimes they’re so awkward that they make ME look smooth!  Me, who has been known to frustratedly exclaim while struggling to remove a man’s belt, “Release the Kraken!”  I mean, that’s totally smooth when compared to being told “You’re a Jedi on the streets and a Sith in the sheets!”  (Although, props for creativity and nerdiness!)

Lovin’ the nerds…

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