All in the details

They say that it’s all in the details.  Especially when it comes to weddings.  Which is why I’ve been trying to painstakingly include aspects of both my and The Fiance’s interests in all this wedding everything.

I guess you might say we’re both nerds, in our own special ways, though I’d vehemently deny it.  But that being said, I’ve crafted corsages and boutonnieres to represent each of our interests.

The ladies’ wrist corsages are made out of some old book pages dyed to match our color scheme (yellow and blue).


The gentlemen are wearing boutonnieres made out of comic book pages.  But not just any comic book pages, Superman comic book pages.  Because Superman is The Fiance’s favorite.  (Note: No real comic books were harmed in the making of these boutonnieres.)


So, hopefully, it really is all in the details and these simple paper flowers make all the rest of the wedding super great and awesome.  Yay.


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