Roses are orange…

The other day, The Fiance came home with a bouquet for me.  This is a big deal because it’s unusual for him to bring me flowers.  (He says when I stop asking for them, he’ll bring them.  I guess I’ve finally managed to stop asking.)  Although, there was one time when he brought me a rose bush.  I killed it in a startlingly short amount of time.

But anyway, last week The Fiance brought me home a bouquet.  It was exciting and special and they’re beautiful.  I was so surprised.  I snatched them up and started snipping off the stems and plopping them into a vase.17342655_10101644676586805_7690270902523424644_n

He comes sauntering over, so proud of himself, and says,

“These reminded me of your personality.”  Pointing at the orange roses, “Bright.”  Pointing at the purple thistles, “And dangerous.”


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