Well that was startling

This week we had a snow day on Tuesday.  A lovely opportunity to sleep in during the work week.  And let me tell you, I snatched up that opportunity like I’d never see it again.  And let’s face it.  It’s the middle of March.  I shouldn’t have seen it in the first place.  But I did.  So when my alarm went off, as it does every day, at 5:30, I silenced it and rolled back over for a few more hours of blissful sleep.

If only that’s what it was.

During the additional two hours of sleep I had, did I dream of sunshine and rainbows?  Did I envision fluffy white sheep hopping over cute little fences?  Did I have that recurring fantasy where I get to eat all the sweets I could ever possibly want and lose weight?


I had a nightmare.

About wedding cake.

A nightmare about someone cutting the top tier of the wedding cake.  I woke up sweating, hands clammy, heart pounding, a shout lodged in my throat.

The only reason we’re getting wedding cake is because The Fiance is a traditionalist and wants to save the top tier for our first anniversary.  And in my dream someone had the audacity to cut the top tier.  How could we possibly save the top tier if it’s been cut?!?!  We’re spending hundreds of dollars on wedding cake simply to ensure that we save the top tier.  Hundreds of dollars.  So, you can see why it was a nightmare.

Who knew wedding cake could be so stress-inducing?  If only I’d just woken up at 5:30 when my alarm went off in the first place.

Dear God, please no.

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