Pre Cana Classes with Father Awesome

So, The Fiance and I have been attending Pre Cana classes, since The Fiance is nice enough to agree to get married in the Catholic Church.  The priest who is preparing us, Father Awesome, is young (around our ages), has a super friendly dog, and is full of random trivia.  He gives great homilies so that even The Fiance doesn’t mind going to mass with me.

Personally, I’m really enjoying the Pre Cana preparation and would highly recommend marriage (or relationship) counseling to anyone.  And I have.  It’s like I’ve suddenly become an expert on recommending counseling.  Because meeting with a priest a handful of times makes me an expert.  (Sarcasm.)

The Fiance is really enjoying it for an entirely different reason, however.

When we met with the priest in January, we were having a very serious conversation about our parents.  Suddenly Fr. Awesome interrupts us, mid-sentence and says:

I’m sorry to interrupt you guys, but I just thought of a very important question.  Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet?


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