Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean!

Confession: The Fiance and I did not watch The Superbowl.  We didn’t even watch the commercials.  We had pizza and wings and company over, but the TV was off the whole time.

So Monday morning, when I got to work and my coworker asked if I had seen the Mr. Clean commercial, I had to say no.  My coworker had to say thank goodness for youtube:

ADWEEK magic mike super bowl 51 super bowl commercial mr clean
Click it to see the whole commercial.  It’s worth it.  Turn your sound on.

This commercial just really nailed it.  Everything about this commercial spoke to me.  Her face when she realized there was a spill on the stove.  That sexy way Mr. Clean walks up with his cleaning supplies.  The music.  That bathroom slide.  Those white pants.

commercial ad super bowl commercial 2017 super bowl ad super bowl commercial

Confession #2: I have always had a crush on Mr. Clean.  He’s just so…. clean.  He’s definitely the only guy I’d break my “must have hair” rule for. (Okay, maybe also Bruce Willis…)  There’s just something inherently sexy about a guy who cleans.  And this commercial got it spot on.  (Or maybe “spot off” is a more accurate description.  Mop that floor, Mr. Clean!)

Side note: has anyone ever thought that Bruce Willis would make an exceptional Mr. Clean?  No?  Think about it now.

And the ending of the commercial.  Clearly this is how to handle a man who cleans.  It was like watching a movie of my life, condensed into 30 seconds and played by commercial actors.

Yeah, baby, that certainly is clean enough.  And you certainly are my fantasy.




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