This morning, while driving to work, I heard a very interesting, and quite possible story.  Science has found a way to get kids to like vegetables they originally don’t.  An idea sparked in my head upon hearing Bobby Bones open this story:

If it works for kids, it might work on The Fiance!

Getting The Fiance to eat vegetables has been an ongoing struggle.  I’ve tried everything.  From getting the flavored frozen veggies (thank you, BirdsEye Buffalo Cauliflower) to chopping the veggies up small enough to be unidentifiable in salad to hiding them in meatloaf.  Very few things have worked.  When we go out to eat and his entree comes with mashed potatoes and one vegetable, do you know what vegetable he chooses?  French fries.

So you can see how I might be interested in this story.  I turned up the volume and payed very close attention to what Bobby Bones was going to tell me.

Turns out a scientific study has determined that if you feed a child the same vegetable 15 days in a row, they will actually like it by the fifteenth day, despite having possibly hated it on day one.

We’re talking feeding the vegetable not drenched in butter or cheese, but au naturel.  Just they way they pop out of the ground.  Except probably wash off the dirt first.

Now, I realize that The Fiance is not a child, so I don’t know for sure if this plan will work or not, but I think we might just be eating brussel sprouts for the next 15 days.




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