Christmas Letter 2016

The leaves have all fallen from the trees
The season has brought its first cold freeze.
It seems Christmastime is coming quick,
While we anxiously await Saint Nick.

We can’t believe a whole year has passed!
You may remember, from our letter last
A certain question Deviant was hopin’
During the year just might get spoken.

In February her dreams came true
With her family on a Disney cruise.
Fiance took a risk, got down on one knee
And asked Deviant, “Will you marry me?”

She said “Yes!” without hesitation
And Fiance felt a great rush of elation.
What would have happened if she’d said no
While he was stuck with her family on a boat?

The rest of the year seemed to span
Months and months of detailed wedding plans.
So many things went by in a blur:
Travel, parties, Thanksgiving dinner.

We wish you the best for the holidays
As you gather ’round the fire’s blaze,
Feel the warmth of the holiday cheer.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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