The Night Before Rogue One


Twas the night before Rogue One, and in our apartment
Nothing was stirring, save the heat in the vent.
The blasters were strewn ‘round the old wooden rocker
In the hopes that Rey’s father would be Luke Skywalker.

The cinefiles were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of rebels danced in their heads.
And I in my nightgown, and Fiance in his sweats
Had just closed our eyes after hedging our bets.

When out in the living room there was such a sound,
I leapt from my bed in one Force-filled bound.
Our bedroom was clean, so I quick crossed the floor,
Turned the handle, and silently threw open the door.

The fire was burning down low in the place
And the light danced across the now empty space
Where once The Fiance’d left cookies in a jar
That was shaped exactly like Vader’s Death Star.

Our tree glowed again with Star Wars decorations
That we bought while on our Disney vacation.
Twinkling lights lit the room up so all could see
Our stockings that look like R2 and Chewie.

Our Storm Trooper tree skirt and themed wrapping paper
Left no doubts in the minds of all of our neighbors
We weren’t just hoping for Santa’s yearly trip
But hoped we’d soon hear a droid’s “beep beep whir blip.”


But there by the fire, ‘stead of R2 or Saint Nick
Stood a girl, on her back she carried two sticks.
Short brown hair and green eyes were lit by the glow,
I knew from the previews she must be Jyn Erso.

That she was a soldier, it was easy to see
And her mischievous nature showed through- criminally.
I could tell that rule following wasn’t her thing
And she had a history of reckless fighting.
She held in her hands The Fiance’s cookie jar
And the look on her face showed her mind was off far.
It was clear she was in contemplation deep
Thinking all of us were certainly fast asleep.

But she turned when she heard me and nodded her head.
And I knew in that moment I’d nothing to dread.
I ran to go wake The Fiance real fast,
Not knowing how long this moment would last.

As we watched this young woman study our jar
So many questions wanted an answer.
But deep in our hearts there grew a hint
She wanted our jar for Death Star blueprints.

Then suddenly she turned and her eye gave a wink
And in the next moment she was gone in a blink.
And suddenly my thoughts were replaced by another
“Could this mysterious girl be Rey’s absent mother?”

We knew that her visit had meant us no harm,
But she left with our cookie jar still in her arms.
As she vanished, she called out for the resistance
“The Rebel Alliance thanks you for assistance!”



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