anigif_enhanced-buzz-9942-1381257997-17So, you know how women are infamous for always over-packing every time we go anywhere?  It’s definitely true for me.  Ever since that one time in college when I flew to Chicago and forgot to bring underwear with me, I now pack three pairs for each day I’ll be traveling.  Just in case.  You never know what could go wrong.  Or maybe TSA goes through your suitcase at the airport and decides to confiscate some of your underwear.  It could totally happen.

And now that I’m in a relationship, it’s gotten worse.  I not only over-pack for myself, but I also feel the need to over-pack for The Fiance.  You know, just in case TSA confiscates some of his underwear.


After all, when I let him pack for himself, we frequently have conversations about how he can’t wear the one same pair of socks for the entire week.
That he needs to pack at least one nice outfit in case something comes up.
Yes, that outfit can be a polo shirt and pants.
And pants.

“I don’t need pants.  I’m wearing my Star Wars polo shirt.”

Who can fault that logic?

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