Well balanced Thanksgiving

So Thanksgiving came and went, and The Fiance and I basically (more or less, kinda sorta, in a manner of speaking) nailed the whole thing.  We finally went shopping the Monday before Thanksgiving.  It went something like this:

Me: Oh God, I’m afraid we’re not going to have enough food!
*Dumps 4 boxes of stuffing into the cart.*

The Fiance: There’s only going to be six of us.
*Following behind, pushing cart.  Puts 2 boxes of stuffing back on the shelf*

Me: I know, but I just want to make sure there’s enough.
*Tosses 8 cans of green beans into cart.*

The Fiance: You’re getting more than enough.
*Puts 6 cans of green beans back on the shelf.*

Me: I’m just nervous because I’m cooking for your family for the first time!
*Drops 2 cartons of ice cream into cart.*

The Fiance: It’ll all be fine.
*Adds two more cartons of ice cream to cart.*



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