Engagement Photos

Remember how I had The Fiance try on different sweaters for an hour in preparation for engagement photos?  Yeah, it ended up being 80 degrees outside the day of our photos.

Let’s start on this path of our future together.  Who knows what lies ’round that bend in the trees.  (It was a parking lot, actually.)

Earlier this month, we traveled down to Smalltown, USA because I desperately wanted fall foliage in our pictures.  Nope.  Everything was green.  Our pictures were on a Tuesday.  By Sunday, when we were driving back to Big City, things were starting to have color, but we definitely didn’t have as much of that “fall feeling” as I wanted in our pictures.


Despite the lack of fall, we had a great time.  Our photographer is awesome.  If you’re in the area and need a photographer, I would highly recommend Mile Marker Images.  They’re really great people and super knowledgeable about wedding everything, not just photography.  But as you can see from these pictures, they’re more than really great and super knowledgeable about photography.  Look at those scenes, the lighting, the natural look and feeling to all of the pictures.

I mean, hey, even The Fiance enjoyed the engagement photo process.  Mostly because we were staying at my parents’ house and I wouldn’t let him kiss me in front of my parents so as not to flaunt the fact that we live in sin.  (Sorry about that, Dad).  Engagement photos went something like this:

ashely-paul-engagement-4Take three steps.
Take Three steps.
Kiss some more.
Take one step.
Stop!  Kiss right there and hold it.

Seriously, 5 minutes in and The Fiance had already kissed off the makeup I spent $50 having applied.  But honestly, I guess I enjoyed it, too. 😉


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