Centerpieces: Encyclopedias

A Pinterest Fail Wedding Series

img_0031The other day my office was giving away a set of 22 encyclopedias from 1996.  Who needs encyclopedias from 1996?  That’s TWENTY years ago now.  (I know, in my mind the 90’s are still only 10 years ago, but it’s time I face facts that I’m almost 30.)

Turns out I decided that I need 20 year old encyclopedias.  I thought they would play really well into the “nerd themed” wedding The Fiance and I are having.  While his nerdiness manifests in gaming, comics, and collectibles, my nerdiness manifests in books, studying, and learning.  So by adding these to our centerpieces, we would have a happy combination of the both of us, and really, isn’t that what a marriage is about?

img_0024So with 22 blue World Book Encyclopedias, a great idea from my aunt, and some awesome templates from scrappystickyinkymess, a crafting genius you should check out if you’re into that kind of stuff, I created this masterpiece:

I know, right?  It’s pretty awesome.  And no, I didn’t cut a single page in this book.  They’re all folded.  I would never cut a book.  Blasphemy!

After successful completion of this nifty heart, I decided that I was ready to move on from beginner to advanced.  Turns out I wasn’t, and could have used a bit more practice first, but oh well.  I jumped straight to letters and writing.

Here’s where the Pinterest Fail comes in.  I didn’t correctly calculate the page numbers, so I ran out of pages in my book when I was just halfway done with my lettering.  Luckily, I had 20 other encyclopedias, so I was able to make it all look good anyway.  And no one will know that I messed it up, unless they read this blog.  (Hi, wedding guests reading this blog!  Don’t bring this up at the reception.)

Anyway, now I have these two great encyclopedias for the Head Table:


Nifty, right?  So this is the current craft of the moment.  Well, the current craft of the moment for my mother, who has generously volunteered to fold 20 more encyclopedias into the shape of a heart.  Thanks, Mom!


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