That is a really good thing.

This past week, The Fiancé and I were visiting my parents in Smalltown, USA to work on wedding plans and start getting things really nailed down.

The week was booked solid. On Monday, we visited with his mom.  On Tuesday we had engagement photos.  On Wednesday, we met with the priest.  On Thursday, we booked the rehearsal dinner.

We cake tested, linen rented, caterer booked, hair and makeup tried, music arranged, alcohol sampled. It was a lot. But at least we got things done.

Thankfully, when we met with the priest on Wednesday, he reminded us that the marriage isn’t about the wedding and the day of, but rather about the future and what comes after the wedding.  It’s not about if the music sounds pretty or the food tastes good, it’s about what words are being said during the ceremony.  It was definitely a helpful reminder.

Then when we saw the priest again after mass on Sunday, he shook The Fiance’s hand and said, “So you guys are still together after this week.  That’s a good thing.”

Did we have doubts?



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