There it is.

The other weekend, The Fiance and I went out to dinner with his friends and their kids.  We went to a Japanese steakhouse and sat in such a way that the chef thought The Fiance and I were brother and sister, his best friend and I were married.  Oh, and that I was the mother to two kids.

Once we finally got the chef straightened out, he began asking if The Fiance and I were planning on having children.

I explained that we haven’t really decided about that yet.  I’ve got some friends who just had babies (like literally last week) and from the pregnancy stories they tell me, I’d be okay to pass on that front.  And then after pregnancy comes childbirth which is kind of a horror film but in real life.  So yeah, we haven’t decided if we’ll have kids.

But even after all my detailed explanation about how babies are kind of basically parasites, the chef gave The Fiance a wink and said, “But then one day you’ll wake up and whoops there it is!”

I don’t think it works like that.

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