Family Wedding Dress

So, The Fiance and I are trying to stick to a small wedding budget.  Minuscule.  Itty bitty.  Don’t break the bank (cause we’re already broke).  So to help with that, as well as to start a beautiful family tradition, my mother’s twin sister has offered her wedding dress to me as a gift.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about the dress.  My aunt got married 17 years ago.  When I looked at pictures of the dress, there were parts that I liked and parts that just screamed “I’M DATED!”  But I liked the idea of a family wedding dress.

So I put on the dress, trying to reserve judgement until I could see the whole picture.  My initial reaction was “SLEEVES!” but I waited until I got downstairs to show everyone before I really came to a decision.

After much discussion and some alteration ideas that would help the dress better suit me, I was pleasantly surprised.  I felt really happy and excited and made the decision that this dress was going to be THE dress.  I think it has a lot of potential, once it gets a few updates.

Not to mention, I had the approval of about 8 women who are important to me.  It was a really beautiful and exciting moment that I got to share with three generations of women in my family.  I feel very lucky and blessed for this experience with them.


4 thoughts on “Family Wedding Dress

  1. audrey gates

    This is sweet and shows that you have your priorities in the best place. Love that you understand the importance of sharing the experience. I wish you well!


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