Responses to Name Changing

So after the Name Changing post, I received the most feedback that I have ever received on this blog.  I thought I would share some of the ideas that people contributed.

From my incredibly well-traveled, worldly friend:

Like my parents did, you can give your last name to a child as their middle name.  I.e. my middle name is my mom’s maiden name.

From a girl I went to college with who is expecting her first child:

I kept my name because I love it. We’re hyphenating our kids’ names so they get a bit of each of us. I figure if they want to pick one as adults to simplify it, they have that option.

From a group of my best friend’s friends with whom my name is infamous:

Deviant Dater is such a great name! He should change his name to Dater!

From my best friend who has been married for 2 years:

I’ve enjoyed the unhyphenated double last name (yes it is different from double middle). It helps me keep both identities and it’s flexible spoken. So professionally I introduce myself with my maiden only (but write both down on all documents and of course have it on my name tag). Socially I mostly only introduce with his.

From a woman in the young adults group I used to attend regularly:

My mom didn’t want to change her name, because she didn’t want to be another “Mary Smith”. You could always do what a high school acquaintance of mine did …. they combined their last names to form a new one!

From my wife:

I always say if you choose to change your last name, why wouldn’t you choose Kennedy? Seems like a pretty good last name.

From my future brother-in-law:

Also… I’m telling GG (my future grandmother-in-law).

But of course, the best input was from The Fiance (a direct quote):

I feel as my last name is the only thing I have to give that no one will ever take from you.  It is mine to give, only once.  And to you.  My promise now and forever.

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