I’ve recently discovered that it’s incredibly difficult to afford a wedding.  (I wonder what brought that revelation?)  Especially when you’re busy trying to afford life.  And it always seems that just when you have to save money for something, you have all these unexpected expenses.  Go figure.

My coworker helped me come up with an idea of how to deal with the fact that my “wedding fund” is suddenly (rapidly) finding a new home: The Anti-Sponsor.

Some examples include:


An empty plate with a sign saying, “This $500 worth of food went to The Bride’s Dermatologist.”


A blank space on the wall with a sign saying, “These $400 worth of decorations went to The Bride’s Mechanic.”


The middle tier of the wedding cake empty with a sign saying, “This $900 worth of cake went to The Groom’s Dentist.”

Just a few of the joys of wedding planning we’re encountering.  “Oh, you didn’t get your invitation?  So sorry… Yours must have been one of the ones that got replaced by The Groom’s Podiatrist.  Whoops…”



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