Sweating for the Wedding Update

So, just to continue along with my social media accountability that I’m holding myself to, I thought I would give an update on the Sweating for the Wedding program I’ve inflicted upon myself.

IMG_9196In short, I hate it.

Running is definitely not for me.  Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday when I know I have to run, I get butterflies in my stomach and a wave of anxiety washes repeatedly over my body for the whole day.  Before I leave work, my brain is already telling me that I can’t do it, so my body gets anxious that I’m even going to attempt to try.  But I’ve told people that I’m trying running, so now I actually have to keep trying, because they’ll ask me about it.  (Who was the genius that came up with the idea of social media accountability?)

But I do try.  And I keep trying.

IMG_9475And I’ve stuck with the C25K program running 3 days every week.  When I started that first week, I was barely able to run 60-second intervals.  But on May 15 I ran the entirety of a 5K.  It took me 42 minutes, but I ran those entire 42 minutes.  (I mean, I’m using the word “run”   here pretty loosely, as it was more of a “plod.”)

And you guys, as I crossed the finish line, I actually cried because I was so proud of myself.  Even though I was so afraid I wouldn’t be physically able to run for the entire 5K, I pushed myself to do it.  I had the help of my friend running with me, and together, the two of us averaged  a 13-minute mile.  That’s about 2 minutes faster than what I had been running in all my training  before the race.


Now the race is over and I have this huge feeling of success.  But that feeling is also of completion.  Now that I’ve reached my goal, I almost feel like not running anymore.  (I hate it, remember?)  However, I know I have to stick with it if I want to see results in the long run, so starting in June, I’ve decided to train for a 10K.

Yep, I’m definitely crazy.


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