When The Fiance and I moved in together, we got a super upgraded TV and Internet package (compared to what I was used to).  Which means there’s a world of new shows available to me that I used to only get to watch when I was at a friend’s house.  Shows like Chopped and okay, well really, we just watch a lot of Chopped.


But I’ve also been opened to the world of TLC.  And do you know what plays all Saturday morning on TLC?  If you guessed Say Yes to the Dress, you would be correct.  And sometimes they even have Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day playing as well.


Honestly, I’m not sure what it is about these shows… I love them.  I mean, I can’t fathom spending eight thousand dollars on a wedding dress, but I am so fascinated by these people who do.  And I just love the drama.  I guess part of me loves the dresses, too.


Lately I’ve taken to watching a lot of SYTTD (can’t imagine why).  And therefore, The Beau has been watching it a lot too.  He pretends that he doesn’t like it, but the other day, I got into the shower when an episode ended without changing the channel.  When I came back out of the bathroom 25 minutes later, he was glued to the TV watching the end of the next episode all by himself.

I knew he liked it!  Mwahahahaha.  From now on he can’t get away with telling me that he doesn’t.  Victory is mine!



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