Going to the chapel

I took The Fiance to Mass with me this weekend.  He’s not Catholic, but he’s agreed to go sometimes to appease me.  (In fact, he has this whole plot to get “in” with the priest, but more on that later.)

Yesterday was May Crowning, so the entrance song was Hail Holy Queen.  I kid you not, guys, as soon as we started singing, I saw The Fiance’s head whip around frantically searching for something.  And I knew in that instant he was looking for Whoopi Goldberg and her singing nuns.

Woo-ooh-ooh-ooooh Maaaa-riiiii-aaah!

Thanks, Hollywood for giving The Fiance grandiose ideas about what Mass is supposed to be like.  And thanks God for giving the nuns at mass yesterday patience to deal with The Fiance’s (not at all creepy) laser beam stare.

(Yes, we did watch Sister Act I and II last night.)


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