The Bargain

This past weekend, The Fiance and I had to make a bargain.  I needed the use of his car and therefore his driving abilities, since he worries that I’m going to strip his clutch and explode his transmission (he’s not entirely off in that belief…)

He decided this was the perfect time to bargain for something he’s always wanted: Superman sheets.


When I told my coworker about this, she started laughing and laughing and comforted me by saying, “Well, if it makes you feel any better, he doesn’t seem that dorky in person.  It’s only when you talk about him.”


I guess the Superman sheets wouldn’t be too bad, because he and I are the only ones who would ever see them.  Waaaay better than Superman curtains.  Anyone walking by would be able to see these things!  And they’re just so blue…

I guess it’s a bummer that they don’t make Superman sheets in queen size bedding.  Rats.



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