There’s a wookiee in my bed!

Every morning, The Fiance and I have “cuddle time.”  It comes just before I leave for work while The Fiance is still asleep in bed.  It’s my favorite time of day.  I climb back in bed and we cuddle and talk and get to spend a few minutes together.

He hates it.  It’s not that he hates cuddling, it’s more that he hates the fact that I’m waking him up and having a full conversation with him while he’s still partially asleep and I expect him to remember the things I said.  Things like “do the dishes, switch the laundry, run the vacuum.”  Most of them he doesn’t remember (either willfully or otherwise).

Regardless, I enjoy those few minutes we get to be together because there aren’t that many of those moments in the day, thanks to his shitty work schedule.

Yesterday morning, when I went in for cuddle time, I was greeted by a “brrwhhhaaaaaaaaaaargh.”

So I said, “Scoot over so we can cuddle.”  And in response I got “mmmrwwaghgh.”

To which I replied, “I didn’t make your lunch today, so you’ll have to make your own, okay?”

And I got back, “Wawoohrgh.”

Needless to say, I think that The Fiance really might be part wookiee.




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