It’s what’s for dinner.  And lunch.  And breakfast.  At least if you think like The Fiance, that is.  Meat meat meat meat meat meat meat.

giphy 1
Look at all that beautiful meat.

In fact, meat is one of the things that The Fiance and I fight about most.  (Yes, we fight.  Everyone does.)  Don’t get me wrong.  I like meat just as much as the next person.  (Although, possibly not as much as The Fiance.)  And I cook plenty of meat.  We are no where close to being vegetarians, by any means.

However, that doesn’t stop The Fiance’s biggest complaint about my cooking from being that there isn’t enough meat.  Since I regularly prepare breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day of the week, it’s safe to say that The Fiance may be starting to feel undernourished with this (imaginary) “lack of meat.”

More of all this!

He keeps saying that he loves my cooking.  But if he loves it so much, why does he complain that there isn’t enough meat?  He gets a serving of protein at breakfast (yogurt), lunch (on salad) and dinner (sometimes even two servings).

I slave away cooking him delicious meals every day (he agrees with this and is aware that he is spoiled), and yet still has complaints to make (more meat!).  I told him if he feels this way, he’s more than welcome to start cooking his own food for himself.

I don’t think it will happen, which is why I’m sending out a warning to everyone: If The Fiance contacts you saying he’s not getting food (read “meat”), it’s all a lie.  Do not buy into it.  He is receiving plenty of protein in his daily diet (even while on a wedding diet).

Clearly what The Fiance thinks I feed him…

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