Sweating for the Wedding

c3160488ac8a5a51f557a7e834bbe8fdI promise that this blog is not going to become a healthy eating and exercising blog.  It won’t now, and it never will be, mostly because I’m so bad at both of those things.  Also because I like pie.  A lot.

You may have noticed that I have a tendency to be like “Oh, hey!  I’m starting a diet!” and then never follow up on it.  (Here and here and here.)

That’s generally because I get distracted by pie.  Or cake.  Or french fries.  Or I’d rather not put my body through hours of unending pain.  What I didn’t disclose is that I have actually lost 15 pounds from all this diet and exercise, but when you’re about 130 pounds overweight, do 15 pounds really make that much of a difference?

tumblr_static_chevron_floral_stfwAll of that being said, my sister kindly pointed out to me that I now have what is probably going to be the biggest motivation to get fit and healthy in my life: a wedding.  Correction, MY wedding.  I’ve been to tons of weddings in the past, and I’ve been in tons of weddings in the past and never felt the need to lose weight.  But now this is my wedding.  And I want to look damn good.

10398574_10101246364522375_2606923348387928709_nSo, I laced up my running shoes, downloaded the C25K app, and hit the pavement.  Literally.  Face first, limbs flailing, wondering “how in the hell did that just happen?”

So much for my running career.

No, but really, this might be the first time in my life that I purposefully set out to go on a run.  And mind you, I use the word “run” very loosely.

The app helps you train for running a 5K, starting from no running experience, which was perfect for me.  Just when I felt like I was about to jiggle a vital organ loose (like a lung or my uterus), the app would tell me it was time to walk again.


And of the 30-odd people I huffed and puffed past, only two pointed and laughed.  I guess I can’t really fault them… I may have been clutching my body in an attempt to keep my organs in place.  Form is something I should probably work on.  But for now, I’m just going to keep doing the best I can, and maybe I’ll be able to run more than 60 second intervals soon.




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