Guest List

So it turns out The Fiance and I are popular people.  Or maybe it’s just that we have large families.  Whatever the reason, we have a massive guest list.  I feel like we’re going to end up inviting about a bajillion people to our wedding.  And by “bajillion,” I actually mean “400.”  But they’re basically the same, right?  (As I’m learning, when it comes to weddings, “bajillion” and “400” are pretty much synonymous.)

Right now we’re sitting pretty at 225.  But that number only includes my family, my friends, and my parents’ additional 40 guests.  That’s right, Mom and Dad gave me a list of 40 people they want invited to the wedding.  To put that into perspective, my friend is getting married next month and is having a reception with a total of 60 people.  (Don’t worry, Mom and Dad have graciously offered to pay for these additional 40 people.)

I’m still waiting to add The Fiance’s family and friends to the list.  And I guess any of his parents’ friends as well, should they choose to invite any.  Once his lists are complete, I’m thinking we’re going to be looking at 300+ guests to invite.  It’s going to be craaaaaaazy!



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