Yeah. Right. Sure.

Today after work, The Fiance (!!!) and I are hopping in the car and heading down to Smalltown, USA to see my parents and to weigh in on a wedding venue.

“But, Deviant!” you’re saying, “Didn’t you guys just get engaged??”

Yes.  Yes we did.  Two weeks, four days, and about 14 hours ago to be exact.  But here’s the thing: my father has been dragging my mother all over the area surrounding Smalltown, USA for the past two months looking at wedding venues in the area.

Yes, this started before The Fiance proposed.  Yes, it was before The Fiance asked permission to marry me.  Yes, it was well before The Fiance even said, “Hey, I want to marry you sometime in the near future.”

Once we actually got engaged, they kicked it into overdrive and were looking at up to 3 venues a day for two weeks.  Who knew there were so many wedding venues surrounding Smalltown, USA?

Now Mom and Dad have found one they like and they think we will like for the style wedding we want, so I’m bringing The Fiance to my hometown for the very first time for a whirlwind visit this weekend.

Oh, did I mention that The Fiance’s mom had decided to join us and meet my parents for the first time as well?

Yeah, I see nothing that can possibly go wrong this weekend whatsoever.  Not a thing.



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