For real this time…

So, remember how I wrote this beautiful story last year on April Fool’s Day?  Well, this is the real story of how The Beau proposed.  It’s even more beautiful than that purely fictional story because this one actually happened.

We were on this 4 day-3 night Disney Cruise with my whole entire family celebrating my Oma’s 85th birthday.  When I say “whole entire,” I mean that 68 people on that boat were my family members.  What can I say?  My Oma has a large following.  And we are one big celebrating family.

Yep.  That’s our cruise ship at Disney’s private island.

On our final night on ship, it was Oma’s actual 85th  birthday.  We were scheduled to have IMG_8258dinner at the “fancy” restaurant.  The whole family dressed up in our fancy clothes (some fancier than others) and gathered together on the grand sweeping staircase in the front lobby for a family picture.  When I say we more than filled up the staircase, that is an understatement.

After our big family picture, my mom decided she wanted immediate family portraits, so we hustled off to get in line for those.  The Beau was pretty sunburned, so he looks like he’s glowing in many of the pictures.

Finally it was dinner time and we were all famished.  The Beau and I sat at my parents’ table along with my sister and her boyfriend, Oma, and one of my cousins.  The food, of course, was great (that’s the best thing about cruises!).  I ate until I was full, and sadly left some delicious filet on my plate.

All through dinner I kept wiping the sweat off of The Beau’s forehead and tutting over him, “Oh, honey, you’re so sunburned you’re sweating!” and “You poor thing!”  Meanwhile my father was across the table chuckling to himself.  Late it transpired that he knew the real reason why The Beau was sweating.

Suddenly my dinner plate was whisked away, and a voice from behind me said, “Excuse me, but we have a special dessert we would like you to try.”

IMG_8478In front of me they placed a beautiful Valentine’s Day cupcake from Vanellope’s Sweet Shoppe with the words “Will you marry me” written in chocolate lining the plate and the engagement ring stuck in the center of the icing.

And then, right there, in front of 66 of the rest of my family, my grandmother celebrating her 85th birthday, and the entire Royal Palace restaurant, The Beau got down on one knee and stuttered out, “Will you… Will you…”

Being the impatient woman that I am, I immediately said “YES!” and planted a kiss on him. (Okay… it may have come out a bit more choked because I was surprised and on the verge of tears due to excitement and happiness.)

When we broke apart we were both crying a little, but he managed to get out, “But will you marry me?”  So I gave him another affirmative while he plucked the ring from the icing and gallantly licked it clean of confectionery deliciousness.

When one of my cousins shouted, “What did she say?” we realized that everyone in my family was standing up to get a good look.  And then when they all started cheering and chanting, “One of us!  One of us!” the rest of the restaurant stood up to get an equally good look.

So, needless to say, The Fiance (formerly known as The Beau) created a much more magical proposal than any I could have dreamed up on April Fool’s Day.  And now we’re off on the next chapter of life: Deviant Dater Gets Hitched.



3 thoughts on “For real this time…


    Shouldn’t you change the name of your blog to DeviantEngager???? Congrats girl!!!! So excited for you and loved reading it 🙂


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