Sleep Aid

The past week or so, The Beau and I have been crazy swamped at work.  I guess he’s always crazy swamped, but for me it’s because of the new semester.  Either way, The Beau’s sleep schedule has been all catawampus.

Last night I made him go to bed early with me so he could readjust his sleeping schedule.  As we were laying in bed, he kept saying how he wasn’t tired (I most definitely was).  I suggested that we could count sheep together.

He got really quiet and then suddenly said, “Or we could count binary together!”


So then for the next little while, I lay there while he counted binary on his fingers and explained to me how it works.

It must have been pretty effective because I feel asleep about 5 minutes in.  I have no clue how long he lay awake counting, but I certainly slept well.



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