Tales from Winter Storm Jonas Hour 44

We have ventured outside the apartment in an attempt to prevent insanity from sitting in.  I almost wish we hadn’t.  At some points, the snow came up to my hip.  Regardless of how short I may be, hip-height snow is still the most snow I have ever seen.

I learned how to shovel snow today.  I think that getting out and getting the movement was something I needed.  I very quickly because a snow shoveling ninja.  Halfway through shoveling out his car, The Beau got a work call and left me to finish it off.  If that doesn’t earn me a proposal, I don’t know what will.

I’m not sure if the worst part about venturing outside today was the snow or the rampant stupidity.  There was a ton of both.  Perhaps the amount of snow affects the amount of stupidity.  Either way, the presence of both of these in mass quantities sent The Beau and I scurrying back inside rather quickly.

May the insanity set in.



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