Christmas Letter 2015

The time has come, our dearest friends.
It seems it’s that time of year,
As 2015 creeps to its end
For presents and good cheer.

This year’s been busy, to say the least.
We’ve traveled near and far.
From Boston in the cold northeast
To Roanoke’s train car.

Up to Canada we journeyed
In search of sweet ice wine.
Off to King’s Dominion we hurried
Before the end of summertime.

 In September new things were brewing
When Deviant changed her place of work.
Now she’s at a new school doing
Mountains of student paperwork.

Beau’s still happy working on the computer.
He’s studying for new certifications.
Deviant thinks his glasses couldn’t be cuter,
But he’s ready for some vacation.

Here’s our biggest news of the year:
In July we moved in together.
It’s Mister Dater’s greatest fear,
But the new fireplace is great in this weather!

On decorating we’re open to suggestion
For more than Superman posters.
(Deviant’s hoping Beau pops the question
So that we can simply register.)

In this season of happiness and joy,
We’re sending you good wishes.
May Santa bring you many toys
And all your food be delicious.

Let love and peace fill all your days
At this time of year and always.


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