What’s in a name?

On Thanksgiving I face-timed my parents, since I couldn’t be with them for the holiday (we were at The Beau’s parents’ instead).

I chatted with my mother and my grandmother and then the phone got passed to my father, the man who has given The Beau a deadline by which he must decide if he wants to spend forever with me.

The end of the conversation went something like this:

So, who all is listening to this conversation?

Well, Dad, you’re on speaker, and we’re getting food ready for lunch, so… everyone.

Oh, well in that case Happy Thanksgiving Murphy Family!

*silence* *awkward glancing around*

Dad, this is the guy you’re pressuring to marry me and that is not his last name.

Oh, well, I knew it was something Irish that started with an M, so close enough.


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