The Night Before Star Wars


‘Twas the night before Star Wars, and all down the block
Not a creature was stirring, not even an ewok.
The lightsabers were left by the fire with care,
In hopes that Luke Skywalker soon would be there.

The nerds were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of Obi Wan danced in their heads.
And I in my nightie, and Beau in his PJs,
Had just settled our brains from the mass Jedi craze.

When out in the living room there was such a noise
I ran to go check on The Beau’s Christmas toys.
Through the room, dodging dirty clothes on the floor,
I picked my way blindly to open the door.

The light from the fire dancing in the grate
Cast shadows across the glass and the plate
Where The Beau had left out some milk and a cookie
In case we were visited by a Kashyyykian Wookiee.

Our tree was all decked with lights shining and bright,
A tiny Han Solo in carbonite,
Boba Fett, and a miniature Darth Vader.
The storm trooper tree skirt made everything greater.

Our stockings were strung up with small Death Star lights
And a fire was burning to warm the cold nights.
With R2 on the wrapping and C-3PO
We were ready for Santa’s jolly Ho-Ho-Ho.

But instead by the fire, less than three feet tall
Was a little green man in a tattered beige shall.
With a brown walking stick clutched in his small claw
I knew in a moment it must be Yoda.

His wisdom was seen on his face all awrinkle
And mischief was seen in his eyes- how they twinkled.
Very few thin white hairs covered his crown
But from his long ears grew ample white down.
His lips were pursed in deep contemplation.
His movements all made in aged hesitation.
A lightsaber was there attached to his hip
That I knew in an instant, out he might whip.

He turned when he heard me and nodded his head
And I knew in that moment I’d nothing to dread.
I whispered to Beau to come in a hurry.
I knew if he missed this he’d be in a fury.

As we watched the Master warm by our fire
There were many things we had to admire.
And deep in our hearts, as we stood there to peer
Grew greater excitement for the movie premiere.

Then suddenly with a droid beep and a whir
He melted away in a holograph blur.
But as he was leaving he said with a sigh
“Do or do not, there is no try!”



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