Balancing Friends

When The Beau and I started dating, we repeatedly got into arguments about whose friends we were going to be spending time with.  I don’t want to sound big-headed and full of myself, but The Beau and I are popular people.  I’m not entirely sure why, but lots of people like us, or at least want to spend time with us.

It was a really difficult adjustment for me to realize that I couldn’t make plans with my friends every weekend because now I had to share my weekends and time with The Beau.  He used to rant and rave about how many plans I’d make with “my” friends (he would do the same thing, though, and it wouldn’t be a problem).  In short, I think it was difficult for both of us.

It was even more difficult because we both like the other’s friends.  If we didn’t like them, things would be easier because we would hang out with our own friends separately, but no.  We both have excellent taste in people.

Now that we’ve been dating for a year, we’ve mostly worked out all the kinks.  Some of that is due to compromise, and some of it is due to The Beau now being on call two weekends every month and therefore unable to leave the apartment.

This weekend, my weekend, was one of those on call weekends.  So, instead of of going out, we had my friends come to us.  In fact, my friends came to us on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  (We were especially popular this weekend.)

I guess you can say my friends like The Beau and are looking out for the health of our relationship, because two of the three nights we entertained, my friends announced that they are moving to the other side of the country.

Hey, I know they’re only moving so that The Beau and I no longer have to fight about whose friends we see.  We don’t have to worry about balancing friends if none of my friends live close by.  Don’t worry, friends.  The sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed.



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