Skinny Bitch

This week I’ve been working hours at the office.  Not ridiculously long like a workaholic, but one to two hours late every day to make up some of the time and work I missed while we were on vacation.  Yesterday I got out at 5:30.  By the time I battled the drive home and made a quick stop at the store, I didn’t walk in the door until 6:30.

I immediately started cooking.  And for some reason, last night I decided to cook up a frenzy.  I made dinner for last night; I made dinner for tonight; I prepped lunches for the rest of the week; I de-boned the rotisserie chicken we bought.

Meal after meal after meal!  Done!
Meal after meal after meal! Done!

Why did I do all this cooking?  Well, we had to go grocery shopping last Friday due to some constraints in our schedule.  I didn’t want any of the food we bought to go bad before we got a chance to cook it.  So I cooked it.  For last night’s dinner, I made a delicious fritatta with Italian sausage, peppers, onions, and potatoes.  (And lots of cheese to please The Beau.)  For tonight’s dinner, I made a meatloaf-stuffed pumpkin.  (New experiment… I hope it tastes good).

Both of these dishes take a substantial amount of time to make.  You have to do all the prep work.  You have to bake things.  You have to prep more things.  You have to bake more things.  And in a tiny kitchen like we have, you have to constantly be cleaning up the things you dirty, too.

There may have been a little bit of fun, too…

So when The Beau sent me a text at 7:45 last night asking if I’d done “Skinny Bitch” (code word for our workout video), instead of feeling accomplished about all the food I’d prepped (of which I’d been sending him pictures so I don’t know when he thought I would have done Skinny Bitch) I just felt fat.

Did I burn a bunch of calories exercising?  No. I made a smorgasbord of (delicious) calories to eat.  I guess I’m not so good at this diet and exercise thing.  Whoops.

Today, since I’ve already got dinner cooked for tonight, I suppose I’m going to have to face Skinny Bitch when I get home this evening.  Take this fat and make it PHAT.  Mhmmm…  Get back up on that healthy horse.  Eat more salads.  Throw away all that Halloween candy.  Exercise every day.  Why do I feel like I’ve said all this before???  Maybe this time I’ll stick with it.

(You should know that The Beau didn’t do Skinny Bitch yesterday either.  And he didn’t even have the excuse of cooking like I did!)


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