Familial Approval: Beauty and the Beast

I come from a big family.  A scarily big family.  As in, on Dad’s side alone, I have 25 cousins.  And I’m not talking about those cousins that you see every so often on Facebook.  No, I’m talking all up in your business, family gossiping, see each other multiple times a year cousins.  The kind of family that it might be slightly (incredibly) overwhelming to meet.  In an attempt to east The Beau into meeting my family, I started off by introducing him to a few at a time.

Two years ago, one of my cousins made the best decision of his life and married a super awesome lady (shout out to their anniversary!).  Together they are Beauty and the Beast.  The Beast is the goofy family comic relief who always knows how to put a smile on people’s faces.  Beauty is the daring woman who agreed to become a part of this family (she’s been giving me tips on how to make things easier for The Beau).  These two were the first of my cousins to meet The Beau.

This meeting was quite some time ago, but I don’t think it could have gone better if I’d planned every detail.  Beauty cooked some amazing food for us, then we played board games, went and saw a movie, had birthday cake for breakfast, played more games, and finished up our visit with Chipotle for lunch.

The Beast and The Beau bonded while Beauty and I discussed men.  Beauty gave her official stamp of approval and began plotting how I could ensnare The Beau in marriage.

Beauty and the Beast further gave their stamp of approval when Beauty suggested that their first child (be it boy or girl) would look excellent as either a flower girl or a ring bearer.  The Beast even asked The Beau to participate in the family Fantasy Football league.

Suffice to say, Beauty and the Beast are definitely Pro Beau.

Family Approval


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