Familial Approval: Aunt Lisa

Throughout my online dating escapades, one of the most supportive people has been my mom’s twin sister, Aunt Lisa.  When I first started, she called me on a weekly basis to get updates on my dates.  There was never a single moment of judgement even though I was going out with two or three or four different guys in a week.  We had nice long, bonding talks, since she met my uncle on a blind date (which in my experience is much more difficult than online dating).

Anyway, Aunt Lisa knew right away when The Beau and I started dating.  And she was super excited and supportive about it.  So, naturally, she was the first family member The Beau met.  Even back before The Beau met my parents, we went on a trip together and stayed briefly with Aunt Lisa and her husband.

It went swimmingly.  They were so welcoming, so friendly, and so interested in learning about The Beau that the only thing I was afraid of when I left him alone with them was the embarrassing stories they would disclose about my childhood (and adulthood for that matter).

The trip was great!  Everyone had a wonderful time and Aunt Lisa can’t wait for The Beau and I to come stay with them again!

Ding! Ding! Ding!  Another check in the Pro Beau column!

Family Approval


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