Dodged a Bullet

I swear it seems like I just wrote this exact same story, and while it was happening I felt like I was going through deja vu.

We recently went out with The Beau’s family to celebrate The Beau’s birthday.  (It was a week after his birthday, because we were waiting for his dad to be off work so he could celebrate with us.)  We went to Outback because The Beau looooooooooves their cheesy fries.

No exaggeration.
No exaggeration.

When our waiter came, he introduced himself and took our drink orders.  When I looked at him, I got this little niggling in the back of my mind that he seemed kind of familiar.

It took me probably close to an hour to put two and two together to get four.  The reason why this guy had seemed familiar was because well over a year ago, we had messaged back and forth on OKC.  We had made plans to get together, but when I followed up, he never responded, so I didn’t show up.  I never heard from him after that, so I’m assuming he didn’t show up either.

After the meal we had, I can’t even say it was any loss.  I mean, the food was pretty darn good (who doesn’t like steak and shrimp?) but the service was terrible.  Not only did he forget The Beau’s mother’s order completely, but he was slow (I waited for 20 minutes with an empty glass for him to show up) and he was kind of a dick.

Needless to say, sitting there with The Beau, I was certainly glad I’d dodged that bullet and ended up in a much better place.



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