Familial Approval: Sister

Sister is my favorite person in the world.  There’s just a special bond you get between two sisters.  When we were younger, we used to fight all the time because she was so annoying.  (Obviously it wasn’t me.)  As we both got older, and especially when I left the house for college, we got much closer.  In short, I love her.

original2Sister has already met The Beau twice.  To be honest, she hasn’t expressly said what she thinks of him, though when we started dating she did ask if I was going to get married before her.  After she met The Beau she’s accused me of stealing her wedding money from Mom and Dad.  (Even though she’s younger, she and her Fella have been dating much longer.)

In short, until she tells me otherwise, I’m pretty certain she likes The Beau.  And now that she knows he likes cats, I think she likes him even more!

Family Approval


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