The worst part about only dating guys within a 30 mile radius of you, is that you’re bound to run in to them again.  It doesn’t matter if you met them online, in a bar, through friends, whatever.  If you both live in the same city, then chances are, you might run in to them.  Which is exactly what happened a few weekends ago.

The Beau and I went out to dinner for his best friend’s birthday on a Saturday night.  That Saturday also happened to be my dad’s birthday.  I had called Dad earlier in the day, but he hadn’t answered, so I just knew he was going to call back while we were at dinner.  And wouldn’t you know, right as we were being seated, he did.


I ran outside to chat for a bit while the others were shown to the table.  When I got off the phone, I wound my way through the tables until I found my group, apologized, and grabbed The Beau to head up to the buffet line.

It wasn’t until we got back to the table that I noticed the waiter at the next table over and froze.  The waiter was a guy I went out with before I met The Beau.  And it wasn’t just any guy.  It was The Worst Date guy.  Remember how he wouldn’t go away?  Well, I never wrote about him after he sent me that random text back in January, but around April I got an email from my OKC account (that I hadn’t logged into in months) notifying me that he had sent me a message!  I never even logged in to read it, but instead just sent the email directly to the trash folder.

Yes, I'm sure. In fact, can I delete him from my whole life?
Yes, I’m sure. In fact, can I delete him from my whole life?

Anyway, back to the restaurant: Suddenly in a panic, and just short of jumping under the table, I ducked my head, grabbed The Beau’s arm, and asked wildly, “What’s our waiter’s name?? while making crazy eyes at everyone around the table.

BeakerThe Beau calmly turned to me and said, “I forget our waitress‘s name.”

Able to breathe again, I relaxed, told everyone exactly why I’d been freaking out, and then spent the rest of the meal awkwardly ensuring that The Worst Date guy and I would never make eye contact.  Thankfully we didn’t.

After dinner I told The Beau we couldn’t ever go back to that restaurant.  He thought it was because we both ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food and it would ruin any plan for our diet.  And I just let him believe that’s what I was talking about.



4 thoughts on “Waiter!

  1. foxxieinthecity

    I ran into an ex in a bar a couple of years ago. He was bit of a bully and when he saw me he looked like he’d seen a ghost. I had a good laugh about it with the guy I was with. Which is good because I almost spat my beer out when I saw the guy.


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