“Mixed Couples”

Last Friday was The Beau’s birthday, so we had a weekend of celebrating, which included going to see Hotel Transylvania 2 on Friday night.  Yes, it’s an animated kids movie.  No we don’t have kids.  Yes, it was funny and you should go see it.  We both enjoyed it immensely.

trans2The best part of the movie, however, was a joke that seemed to be geared directly at The Beau in particular.  The mother-in-law tries to make the young couple feel welcome by inviting other “mixed” monster-human couples over for a “Monster Mash” party.

One of the invited couples comes in and the mother-in-law introduces the bearded hipster man by saying, “He’s a werewolf.”  Everyone gets awkwardly quiet until the bearded hipster responds with, “What?  I’m not a werewolf!”

I tried so hard to find the image and couldn't.
I tried so hard to find the image and couldn’t.

I laughed for an unnecessarily long time and was, in fact, that girl in the theater.  You know, the one that people were turning to look at because I was laughing so much.  But the bearded hipster even had the same name as The Beau.  Plus, I’m frequently getting on The Beau’s case about his hair.

It was perfect in every way.  And it was certainly fitting after he’d gone to the barber that day and had his hair cut and beard trimmed in an unmistakably hipster way (which is super adorable).  Now I just need to get him some suspenders and a bow tie to complete the look.

Before I know it, this is what I'll end up dating...


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