Familial Approval

The Beau is about to get double-whammied by meeting both my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s side of the family, all within one week.  While there won’t be any money stealing, there might be sanity stealing (at least on my part, if not The Beau’s).whammy-oI’ve decided to keep a list of how people appear to feel about The Beau in the hopes that he comes out on top in Familial Approval.  I’m going to categorize people’s feelings toward The Beau in three ways:

  • Pro Beau- They like him!  They really like him!
  • On the Fence- They aren’t sure right now and their feelings could end up going either way.
  • Ixnay Ethay Eaubay- Nix The Beau.  Get him outta here.  We don’t want any more of this!

I’ll be sure to include the reasoning behind their feelings as well.  And just so we can all keep track of his score card, I’ve created a special Score Card Page just for this purpose.

Wish him luck!


8 thoughts on “Familial Approval

  1. acquiescent72

    As a father, I can tell you that there is no one good enough for my kids…I’m always going to be critical and judgmental. But, if my kids are happy with the person they pick, then I will gladly accept them.
    And as a husband, I have experienced family members that have not treated my wife with the respect she deserves…I don’t send those buttheads holiday cards or gifts. I only associate with them at big family get-togethers and no other times. Just my opinion on the matter.


    1. Do you think that the parents of the ones your kids date feel the same way?

      To be honest, I’m more afraid of The Beau running away screaming after meeting my crazy family. What’s normal to me isn’t normal to everyone. But I think he’ll get them, since he gets me.

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      1. acquiescent72

        No, of course not…my kids are awesome, everyone else is effed in the head! 😀 Just kidding.

        Well, there is something to be said about the cliché that you don’t marry the person, but you marry the person’s family. And you are truly an extension of your family – everyone is, right?

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