Ready? Set? Fall!

Autumn-Flora-FallingFinally Fall has arrived!  It’s my favorite season for so many reasons: gorgeous weather, sweaters, pumpkin everything, snuggling up by the fire, beautiful fall leaves, and just a general feeling of contentment.  Fall is definitely when I feel happiest and most content in my life.

Additionally, I think Fall is the best time of year to date!  (No, not just because The Beau and I met in Fall…)  If you’ve been struggling to convince yourself to give dating another shot, now is definitely the time to do so.  Here’s why this Fall is the perfect time to give love another chance:

Everything is beautiful.  I know that to some people, Fall can be depressing, but how can the world igniting in a burst of reds, oranges, and yellows be sad?  Exactly.  It can’t.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy those last rays of sun before winter comes!  Fall is the perfect backdrop for everything from Instagram photos to that first kiss.

Changes. Fall is a season of change.  Instead of thinking it’s the sad end of summer, think of it as a beginning to new things!  It’s a new season, new school year, new recipes, new clothes, new adventures, new romance.

So many great date ideas!  This is the top reason why you should date in the fall.  (And while The Beau doesn’t know it yet, I’ve got plans for every single weekend this upcoming season.)  If you aren’t ready to commit to a “big date,” start with something small like a coffee date at a cute coffee shop where you can heat things up with pumpkin spice and a crackling fire.  If you want something more, try one of the out of the ordinary outdoor activities that are available in Fall, such as apple picking, getting lost in a corn maze, hay rides, pumpkin patches and then tumblr_nbtbz5s1zR1r3tsmdo1_250carving your finds.  There are so many great date activities to do in Fall!

Fall clothes are cutest.  I have never met a woman who doesn’t love boots.  And men in sweaters are just delicious.  Add a leather jacket and a scarf and everyone just looks more attractive.  Plus there’s less grooming involved… If you get what I’m saying… (Hasta la vista summer shaving schedule!)

Bye bye to summer flings.  Summer came and people were looking for that quick and easy person to have fun with.  But now it’s gone and everyone is looking for the one they can cozy up to on those cool Fall nights.  I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Fall that just makes people want to settle down.

tumblr_nc90j9sIQm1sgl0ajo1_400You look your best.  Let’s face it, during winter you put on a couple pounds to keep you warm.  Then in the spring you worked your butt off for your beach ready body.  Well, now summer is waving bye bye and not only have you still got your fabulous beach bod, you also have that golden tan and those sun bleached locks.  Clearly Fall is when you look hot, hot, hot!

Cuddling.  Cuddling is excellent year round, but during Fall it’s best.  Whether it’s him slipping an arm around his gal when it gets a little chilly at that outdoor music festival you’re at or her nuzzling up to him in front of the crackling fire, Fall is the perfect time for cuddles.

In short, you should go on some dates, whether it’s with someone new you met online, or with your long-term honey, now is the time to really take advantage of doing something special with someone special.


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