The other weekend, The Beau and I were working on moving more of his stuff from his parents’ basement to our apartment (it’s not going to all fit, no matter what he thinks).  His parents, brother, and niece were helping us as well, which was greatly appreciated.

As we were sorting through stuff to take with us (seriously, FIVE boxes of comic books!!), The Beau found an old jewelry box containing some of his trinkets from several years ago.  He tossed it into the back seat of his car, and then he, his niece and I piled in and started heading back to our new place.

His niece soon began sorting through The Beau’s jewelry, which is when I learned that he has a “metal side.”  (I also learned he has slightly questionable taste in jewelry, but maybe that’s just me.)  Soon his niece started asking for various trinkets of his that she could have for herself.  Necklaces, pendants, rings, you know, the sort of stuff you find in an old jewelry box.

Some of the things he gave her, some he said no, and others he said he would think about.  Soon, though, we all got distracted by unloading everything at our new place.

Once we finally finished, we were all collapsed in exhaustion in the living room, when his niece asks, “Can’t I just have that ring?”  The Beau rolled his eyes, but before he could answer I interrupted with, “Can I have a ring?”

Dead silence as everyone just looked from me to The Beau and back again.  Thank goodness someone started laughing to break the ice after that, because I’m not sure what would have happened otherwise…

awkard-situations_gossipaunty_11I guess that’s what I get for hinting at engagement rings in front of his family.  Maybe he’ll take the hint.  😉


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