Love vs. Like

Several months ago my cousin said something to me that I’ve tried to keep in mind throughout my entire relationship with The Beau.  She told me, “You know, Deviant, when I married your cousin, I didn’t even like him very much at the time.”  At first I didn’t understand her.  Why would she marry someone she didn’t like?  But then I finally got it.

You always love someone, even if you don’t always like them.



2 thoughts on “Love vs. Like

  1. One of the best pieces of advice ever given to me by someone was a wise woman who had been married at the time about 30 years. She said there will be days that you will wake up and not like your husband at all. But as long as you can say you love him its ok. Then she really got me when she said, because there are days you don’t even like yourself. So so true. 🙂


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