A couple weekends ago, a good friend of mine came to visit with her boyfriend: The Craft Crazed Couple.  No, I’m not talking about needlepoint and paper mache.  I’m talking about beer.  Craft beer.  And when I say “crazed,” that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is what the inside of their refrigerator looks like.

The Craft Craved Countess and I have been friends since college, but we don’t live in the same city, so we only get to visit every now and then.  She met The Craft Crazed Count on OkayCupid, and was, in fact, one of my biggest supporters in online dating.

This may have stemmed from the fact that the first time she introduced me to The Craft Crazed Count, I had just gone wedding dress shopping with my cousin, had ice cream with my ex, and found out that my arch nemesis was engaged.  Needless to say I was in the pit of despair and having a melt down about how I would be forever alone.  This, in turn led to poor life decisions, all of which probably resulted in The Craft Crazed Count thinking I was mentally unstable (as yet not proved otherwise), and The Craft Crazed Countess gently steering me in the direction of online dating.

giphyNow, The Craft Crazed Countess (seriously, say that three times fast.  Or even one time fast.  Yikes!) and I are undoubtedly close.  I have sought copious amounts of relationship advise from her, and I make a point of stopping by every time I’m in her neck of the woods.  But I wouldn’t say she and I are “similar.”  Not on the surface anyway.

444558e8ddff90eb24b4b80e6e890febSee, she’s more of a tom boy to my girly girl.  She likes heavy metal rock and I listen to top 40.  She plays Pandemic with expansion packs and I feel like throwing the game across the room when I get frustrated with it.  She works out.  I sit on the couch eating cake.  So yeah, we don’t really come across as being similar on the surface, but inside, we connect.  We have similar moral fibers, work ethic, and general outlook on life and existence.

Which might be how we ended up dating the same man.

Okay, so I don’t mean he’s actually one person.  That would be weird.  I just mean that if you gave The Beau a pony tail and a pony beard, and a little more musical inclination than he has, I’m not sure The Craft Crazed Countess and I would know who was who.

Okay, again, a little exaggeration, I’ll admit.  But basically, the weekend went along the lines of if The Craft Crazed Count and The Beau were long time besties and The Craft Crazed Countess and I were the significant others who just so happened to get along.  You know, instead of vice versa.

They bonded over MTG (The Craft Crazed Count brought his cards so he could play with The Beau), wrestling, craft beer and home brewing, cats and cuddling, anything and everything pumpkin, and taste in jewelry.  Seriously, it was like the weekend ended in this new bromance with the two of them riding off into the sunset together while The Craft Crazed Countess and I just stood idly by wondering what the heck was going on.  But hey, at least it’s a good thing when your boyfriend likes your bff’s boyfriend.



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