New Things!

I started a new job yesterday (which has been responsible for making my life a bit crazy the past few weeks).  It was a bit unnerving because every time I met a new person, they all had this hungry glint in their eyes and said something like “We’ve been expecting you…”


Everything was going well until about 3:30.  And then my new boss and a new coworker came to ask me “the most important question that the law forbade them for asking during my interview:”

Star Wars or Star Trek?


Thank goodness I’ve got The Beau to help me work on my nerd tendencies!  *phew*  Managed to pass that test.  I really should work on improving my nerdiness.  I can win points with my coworkers and The Beau all at once!

(Oh, the answer was Star Wars, by the way.  Nailed it!)

Which brings me to the whole point of this blog post!  My dear, dear friend Fabulous Fangirl, who penned a lovely guest post for me about dating Geek Girls, has started her own blog about the geek life.  I’m pretty sure this is going to become my guide book for impressing my colleagues and my boyfriend.  Geek 101 for the nerdily challenged.

Cats in glasses! Cute and nerdy!
Cats in glasses! Cute and nerdy!

Anyway, you should check her out!  Her blog is called Geek Girls Assemble and it looks pretty awesome.  So far she’s just got one post, but I can’t wait for more!  Happy nerd reading.  🙂


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